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Manufacturing Process

MS Fitness operates a highly advanced factory, covering an area of 100,000 m2, as well as a 60,000m2 production base. All of the products manufactured in this facility are machined using TRUMPF laser machines and fully automatic welding manipulators from Japan to ensure product quality. There are four different workshops staffed by over 200 workers. The four workshops are used to machine, weld, and assemble the aerobic apparatuses and power equipment. Additionally, MS owns a complete production line including all the stages for tube cutting, welding, surface treatment, spraying and assembling lines. MS can provide OEM order service for first-line brands to satisfy customer needs.

  • MS has 15-years of production experience, allowing us to provide targeted solutions and high-quality services for customers.
  • MS establishes perfect customer files to offer tracking services. The professional after-sale service system provides the most trustworthy and convenient services

The research and development department along with the production department adhere to IS09001 quality management system certification and EU CE product safety requirements. They aim to provide equipment that is comfortable, effective, and most importantly, safe.

Production technology

1. MS utilizes laser machining centers from TRUMPF which largely improve the accuracy of production and ensures that all pipes have no sharp angles but R arc angles. MS uses FANUC manipulators to weld the products providing accurate and beautiful welding joints. These precise machines ensure the safety and stability of the product.
2. The production line uses tooling operations to ensure the interchangeability and stability of the products.
3. The advanced sandblast rust removal process puts an end to blind corners and rust.
4. MS adopts CNC bending machines, CNC milling machines and other advanced equipment to ensure the accuracy of the product movement.
5. All the equipment uses international advanced high voltage electrostatic spraying and two times spraying to ensure the finish of the appearances and the durability.
6. Automated assembly line with incredible efficiency to maximize uniformity and product quality.
7. MS has passed IS09001 quality management system certification, EU, and CE product safety certification. MS strictly carries out the product inspection procedure for the testing of the raw materials, the accuracy of the welding, the surfaces of the spraying and the moving components of the finished products.

Production process
Raw materials

The machining workshop is the leading unit to execute the production plans features a complete technological operating process, advanced machining equipment and technology management to ensure the quality and output. The machining workshop adopts the most advanced full-automatic laser tube cutting machines from Germany which provide a high level of accuracy and stability to finish the processes of automatic feeding, automatic inspection of material length, automatic coding, automatic discharging and the traditional tube machining in one continuous process.

Process: A. tube cutting, pipe bending, milling, punching; B. lathing, fitting, stamping, plate shearing, etc. We utilize these precise technologies to create the finest product components for better overall product quality.

2. Welding

The welding workshop uses FANUC fully automatic welding manipulators from Japan to finish the welding of the works within the machining workshop. The welding manipulator is 2m long and features a repeated positioning accuracy of ±0.08mm. The FANUC manipulator which boasts high accuracy, high stability and great flexibility largely improves the quality and the output capabilities of the welding process and increases the service life of the equipment.

A. The parts are to be fixed to the equipment so they can be welded.

B. The welding workshop welds the parts produced by the machining workshop to semi-finished products.

C. The welding workshop will polish the welded semi-products.

D. Testing the semi-finished products and sending them to the spraying workshop if they are qualified.

  • Testing the welded parts
  • Testing the welding interfaces

E. Carbon dioxide protected welding. The carbon dioxide will offer cooling protection for the welding pipes to prevent bubbles from forming in the pipes during the welding process and prevent welding leakage, false welding, welding slags and other defects.

3. Spraying

The spraying workshop uses highly advanced automatic sand blasting machines, powder spraying machines, etc. The production line includes rust cleaning, blind corner rust cleaning, static electricity powder spraying, heating and solidification in the oven, etc. The automatic sand blasting machines can effectively grind the sprayed parts and clean the rust on the parts to enhance adhesion. The static electricity powder spraying machines can ensure that there is no blind corner of the powder injection, and the thicknesses of the paints are same.

(1) Process:
Shot blasting----polishing----equipment protecting----power-on----sending to the assembly workshop----checking the quality----baking-----spraying the powder.

A. Shot blasting is also called sand beating. The high speed running sand will beat the surfaces of the steel pipes and destroy and sweep the oxide layers.

  • Automatic sand beating machine

B. After finishing the sand beating process, it should polish the uneven surfaces of the machine frames.

C. The high voltage static electricity gun will generate one hundred thousand volts high voltage, and there will be high voltage magnetic field around the steel pipes, so the powder will automatically be absorbed on the surfaces of the pipes.

D. The temperature of the baking is 180℃,and the time is about 50min before they are taken out from the oven.

E. After the cooling of the machine frames, they will be sprayed again.

F. The second baking time is about 50min, and the temperature is about 200℃. After they are taken out of the ovens, they should be tested before they are sent put into storage.

(2) Requirement of the spraying quality:
A. There are no scratches, paint leakage, or slag points
B. The colors of the surfaces should be even.
C. Good gloss.

4. Assembly and finished products

The assembly workshop includes treadmill production lines, bicycle production lines, power machine production lines and disassembly and assembly lines. The assembly lines will strictly test the functions and the appearances of the products according to the shipment standards.

The products will undergo parallelism tests to ensure the stability of the equipment. This process will check whether all the machines are assembled correctly, and then check the parallelism and verticality again. Then all the products should pass the certification and get the pass seals pasted.

The treadmills product storages include large product area, tiny product area, bicycle area and foreign product area to ensure the products can be located and transferred easily.

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